Superchic: Swoon – revisited
Magenta linear holo

Today I wanted to wear a polish that I have worn before in order to give some of the polishes in the Helmers some love as well. I browsed around in a couple of drawers and ended up with “Swoon” from Superchic, an absolute beauty.

I don’t give my Superchic polishes much love even though they are really beautiful. They are usually one coaters and I love the rainbows in the holos. The problem is that they usually chip on me really fast, which is really irritating. I decided that it was worth wearing “Swoon”, just for a day until it chips. 

The formula is good and like I wrote: It’s a one coater. I used two coats anyway but the second coat didn’t make any difference for the appearance. The drying time is super fast.

I decided to wear it on its own, just like that, so I finished my work by topcoating it.

Here’s two coats and a layer of topcoat photographed with flash.

Superchic: Swoon
Superchic: Swoon

The rainbows are really pretty.

Superchic: Swoon
Superchic: Swoon

This is the same thing in daylight, no direct sun. It was hiding behind a humongous cloud.

Superchic: Swoon
Superchic: Swoon

I love everything about “Swoon” except for the chipping 😀 

Number of coats: 1 can do but I’m wearing 2 on these pics
Drying time: Wicked fast

Finish: Linear holo

Overall impression: Ooh la la, this is amazingly beautiful
Buy again: Yes

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