Saturday Surfing, Oct. 31, 2020! Happy Halloween!

Good morning and Happy Halloween from this panda.

(Yes, my affinity for smokey eyes was the driving factor for this costume.)

We’re just about to head to the pumpkin patch I mentioned up in Petaluma, but before we go, I have to tell you about a great show I stumbled on this week called Women of Impact. You gotta watch this episode with Evy Poumpouras. She’s an author and former Secret Service Agent (she’s protected three presidents!), and she received the U.S. Secret Service Valor Award for her heroism on 9/11.


One of the things Evy talks about in the episode is the communication skills she used on the job and how to develop them in practical ways for everyday life.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the techniques in the video… I’ve tried them in a few of my interactions with people this week, and by gosh! — it definitely got me thinking about the different ways we connect with people.

Last night I used a few of the tips Evy mentions while I was getting Connor ready for bed.

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