Q & A: Have You Ever Done Your Highlights Successfully at Home?

Girl…HELL, NO, and the funny thing is, I’ve tried quite a few times, but it turned out terrible EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. You might’ve thought I would’ve learned my lesson after the first attempt, but nope! I just kept coming back for more.

I vividly remember using one of those boxed chunky highlight kits in the mid-’90s with my cousin…who wasn’t really my cousin. If you’re Filipino, you probably already assumed this because when someone is referred to as your “cousin,” you don’t even have to be marginally related to them. As long as your moms or dads knew each other even tangentially, then they were immediately dubbed “cousins.”

But I digress!

This girl (my cousin who wasn’t really my cousin) and I both had jet black hair, and we decided it was a good idea to use a highlighting boxed kit made for blondes (yes, you read that correctly). One of us had heard from a friend of a friend that if you wanted black hair to lighten, you had to use what the blonde gals used.

The kit came with a plastic cap, which you placed on top of your hair.

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