Glam on the Go: A Creamy, Dreamy Purple and Gold Look With Big, Bushy Brows

Note to self: stop overcomplicating things, both in life and in makeup! Because sometimes taking the easy route is actually, well…easier. And sometimes it turns out better than you expect!

I did the *least* complicated eyeshadow placement in this eye look, and I ended up liking the final result so much that I can’t wait to wear it again (I might do it again today, ha!).

How to do creamy, dreamy purple and golden bronze lids with a smattering of sparkle

Here’s what I did:

  1. I started with a layer of matte purple cream liner as a base with a satiny bronzy gold blended directly on top.
  2. Then, I rimmed my water lines with a creamy warm brown eye pencil and buffed a little bit of it from the lash line to my crease, and on the outer third, for a subtle hint of depth.
  3. Next, I pushed a bit of glittery cream shadow onto the upper lash line, whacked some mascara on my lashes, and that’s it. DONE!

UD Brow Blade is the best

If you’re into bold brows, my brows are epically bushy — again, with minimal effort!

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