Fairyland Exhibition | Welcome Gift – Ticket Holder & Bracelet

Fairyland Exhibition | Jimin Fansite Group Order

So we are starting off with my least favorite item and I still question why I decided to order the ‘Welcome Gift’ pack. Like really…why?! I think this was honestly one of those times where I skimmed reading the description of the items or like didn’t read it at all. Originally I was under the impression that the ticket bracelet would maybe be like one those plastic soft bracelets like made out of silicone or something. But nope… it’s a paper bracelet. Like what I am even supposed to do with this? Haha. Yeah not happy with myself on this one whatsoever. 

Fairyland Exhibition | Welcome Gift – Poster

Fairyland Exhibition | Jimin Fansite Group Order

Now I think

this is the item that made me purchase the Welcome Gift set. I say I think because I’m not usually a poster person to begin with, but I could see why I was drawn to this in the first place. That said, the quality of both the paper and the image are disappointing. The image has a very blurred and distorted look to it, especially holding it in person. Plus the image is entirely too Photoshopped to the point that it gives the image a ‘cheap’ look to it. And while I understand it had to be edited, the way it was done here (to his face in particular) was a little too over the top for my personal preference. 

Fairyland Exhibition | Welcome Gift – Ticket

Fairyland Exhibition | Jimin Fansite Group Order

The only saving grace from the entire Welcome pack. The image here feels much more clean and although it’s obviously edited there doesn’t seem to be that extreme blur like the poster has. Perhaps it was the printing quality or the size of the image? I’m not sure, but this turned out beautifully. Speaking if size, this is the perfect size for a bookmark and now that I have gotten back into reading that’s exactly what I’m using it for. Was this one item worth the $5 or so bucks I spent on the Welcome Gift set? Definitely not, but at the very least I came out of this with at least one item I like a lot.

Fairyland Exhibition | Acrylic Keychain

Fairyland Exhibition | Jimin Fansite Group Order

[ close up ]

Fairyland Exhibition | Jimin Fansite Group Order

Words cannot describe exactly how much I love this keychain. This was definitely what caught my attention in the first place towards this group order and I was not disappointed. I will say I wish the quality was a little more crisp as the image feels a little blurred out and pixelated. Given the small nature of the keychain I guess it’s something that can’t be helped. And regardless it’s not enough of an issue for me to love this keychain any less. 

Fairyland Exhibition | Washi Tape

Fairyland Exhibition | Jimin Fansite Group Order

[ washi stripes ]

Fairyland Exhibition | Jimin Fansite Group Order

And here’s the second thing that I absolutely needed to get as soon as I saw the release notice! Washi tapes are a big weakness of mine as it is, but then you throw in Park Jimin into the mix and well… My heart is exploding like fireworks and my eyes are shaped like hearts. I’m kinda beating myself up for not picking up two rolls of this washi tape while I had the chance. The quality is just SO good! The tape is neither too thick or too thin and has a nice opacity as well. I layered it over some white dotted paper and was surprised that it didn’t appear translucent at all. Even some of the dark spots, like Jimin wearing all black in the one photo, appear so clear and opaque.

That’s a wrap on this group order purchase, what did you guys think? Which one was your favorite item? I definitely love the fact that everything was sold separately and that way I could choose exactly what I wanted. Though I did manage to get something I totally didn’t love, haha. So like purchasing the Welcome Gift set was clearly a mistake on my part. I think I personally am just not into having posters or like a massive amount of paper goods that don’t serve a purpose. I don’t know if that makes a whole lot of sense coming from a planner addict to be honest, haha. This year has been a little different for me and I have barely made any fansite purchases. Mostly based on the fact that not a lot of fansite made goods have been coming out. That’s understandable though since there have been no live events for fansites to attend, which means no new photos to make merchandise out of. At this gives me time now to share and catch on up my previous purchases before Covid happened. But yeah that’s my group order in a nutshell! Hope you are all staying safe and well, catch you next time xoxo Moonbaes.

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